About Us

About Us

Intriguing Details, Mindfully Crafted

Mirror to Mirror, affectionately known as M2M, is a jewelry design and development company. Through group and individual sessions, we guide new and returning participants through a process of focusing their thoughts and intentions while creating wearable art.

In addition, M2M is home to handmade jewelry, M2M Jewels, that are originally designed by the owner and lead designer, Devonne Franklin. M2M Jewels are crafted from materials such as glass, clay, cloth, metals, and other items that are many times upcycled from other jewelry and clothing.

Devonne Franklin

Owner & Designer

Bold creative with magnetic energy, Devonne Franklin birthed Mirror to Mirror from the need to feed her own creativity and entrepreneurial goals. As a Baltimore, Maryland native, Devonne attended Baltimore City Public Schools and the illustrious Morgan State University.

Throughout her life, Devonne has been dedicated to supporting the needs of her community through various roles such as AmeriCorps membership and service as a Community School Coordinator, among many others.

A common thread that she has witnessed and experienced while working with her fellow Baltimore City community members is the need for mindful practices in all aspects of life.

"Creating is about focusing your intentions with the goal of bringing to life an idea. If we can cultivate an appreciation for slowing down and being intentional through mindful practices such as creating, we may be able to curve the negative thoughts and habits that aflict our communities."- Devonne

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